Daily Office reflections are random off-the-cuff thoughts related to the readings for the day. The entry may not be as fully thought out as other posts where I might have more time to formulate my thoughts. I include the scripture reading references so that I can search my own blog for previous thoughts on the same scripture when asked to preach.



I’ve seen it happen where someone comes to church, dressed all in black, with colored, spiked hair, wearing chains and combat boots, listening to the latest and greatest heavy metal – and then several months later you find that that person is now wearing skirts, blouses, cardigan sweaters and beautiful high heeled shoes. This didn’t happen overtly, and didn’t happen overnight, but somehow the idea that “good Christians don’t do that” permeated someone’s life to such an extent that they gave up the exciting and diverse person that they were to become just like everyone else merely to fit in and be accepted.