Rev. Cathleen

Cathleen Carlisle

My name is Rev Cathleen Carlisle. Deacon Cathleen for short. I am ordained with the Arizona Episcopal Diocese. If I were walking down a hall (before COVID-19), I might have heard people calling, “Deacon!”, or “Mother Deacon!”, or just “Cathleen.” All were/are fine and lovely.

I grew up in southwest Arizona among the tall saguaros, coyotes, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and dry riverbeds that only run during the monsoon rains causing panic and mayhem as people try to outrun to water coming directly at them.

Part of our Episcopal deacon vows, that all priests and Bishops all take, asks that we affirm “Will you in all things seek not your glory but the glory of the Lord Christ?” In writing a bio, I find it interesting to look back on some of the twists and turns I have undertaken in life. I have worked at a university in Arizona, a university in Michigan. I have ridden in three-story mining truck while a massive shovel put 200-tons of ore in its bed. I managed the benefits department for three mining units, hired over one-thousand hourly personnel for two units. I managed a million-dollar veterinary hospital. For years I enjoyed keeping score for little league baseball, ASA softball, and even the Tucson Police K-9 Trials. The Trials included the bomb-sniffing, narcotics and extraction military and government agency K-9’s from all over the world. All competing for the coveted Top Dog trophies. All have been exciting, challenging and rewarding. All bringing me and preparing me for my ultimate call.

As an Episcopal Deacon, and all priests and Bishops before me, we made many affirmations as we were ordained. All pertain to the teachings of Christ, the gospel while serving others. There is no greater or harder call as one sorts through the weeds and the wheat.


A gardener wannabe, closet techie, and homeschooling mother to two world citizens, Deepa can be found falling down the rabbit hole most evenings.